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Stelios Ioannou

Software Engineering | Machine Learning | Web Development

Backend Engineer at MUFG Investor Services FinTech | ex-Arm

  • Software Engineer with the educational background and proven work ethic to handle all aspects of Software Engineering. Known for delivering excellent service in fast-paced environments, with the skill set to solve complex problems, develop robust software applications, design interactive experiences, leverage new technologies and maintain clear communication. Out-of-the-box thinker, who is comfortable working in teams or independently to ensure technical solutions consistently meet or exceed business goals. Stelios has achieved the highest grade average among all postgraduate courses in the Department of Computer Science at The University of Manchester for the class of 2020 and also has achieved the highest dissertation mark.
  • Last Updated: 04/07/2022


MSc Advanced Computer Science with Specialisation in Artificial Intelligence | Distinction (Rank: 1/166)

The University of Manchester
Manchester, United Kingdom
September 2019 - September 2020
  •  Honors & Awards:
    • ⁃ The Highest Achiever of the Year Prize for the highest overall mark.
    • ⁃ The Best Dissertation Prize for the highest dissertation mark.
    • ⁃ Kilburn Scholarship for strong academic performance.
  •  Course Units: Foundations of Machine Learning, Modelling and Visualization of High Dimensional Data, Computer Vision, Text Mining, Modelling Data on the Web and Querying Data on the Web.
  •  Dissertation: Attentive Single Image Reflection Removal.

BSc Computer Science (Hons) | First Class (I)

Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
September 2016 - June 2019
  •  Course Units: Programming I-II, Computer Architecture, Mathematics for Computer Science, Website Design and Construction, Software Engineering I-III, Algorithms Design and Analysis, Data Structures, Database Technology, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Distributed Systems, Mobile Computer Systems Development, System and Network Security, Programming for Games, Real-Time and Cyber-Physical Systems, Software Verification Technologies, Understanding Concurrency, Website Construction and Management.
  •  Dissertation: Classification of Digital News Articles Based on Bias and Reliability with the Use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML).

Work Experience

Backend Engineer  

MUFG Investor Services FinTech
Limassol , Cyprus
July 2022 - Present

Software Engineer  

Electi Consulting
Limassol , Cyprus
December 2021 - June 2022

  • Worked on several projects where I developed and architected software for companies in sectors such as FinTech, Maritime Shipping and Security.
  • Developed a research software suite from scratch for investigating and experimenting with novel state-of-the-art browser fingerprinting techniques.
  • Created a novel technique for browser fingerprinting that outperforms the current state-of-the-art methods.
  • Developed several features for an existing internal blockchain project and created the entire documentation for it using tools such as Mermaid.js, Diagrams (Python Module), Swagger and Confluence.
  • Technologies and Tools used in the projects worked on are: .NET Core 5, Phoesion Glow, Entity Framework, MySQL, MongoDB, Solidity, Quorum, Hangfire, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Python, PowerShell, RabbitMQ, Git, GitLab CI/CD Pipelines, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, Jira, YouTrack and Confluence.

Software Engineer  

Manchester , United Kingdom
September 2021 - December 2021

Multidisciplinary Software Engineer - Fast track internal promotion.

Graduate Software Engineer  

Manchester , United Kingdom
October 2020 - September 2021

Completed four rotations with:

  • Arm Fast Models (C/C++) – Modelled, implemented, and tested numerous features of the upcoming Armv9 architecture with high-performance C++ code for Arm Fast Models.
  • Arm Performance Solutions (C/C++, Python, Shell) - Developed several optimizations and alleviated performance regressions in the LLVM compiler. Additionally performed extensive performance investigation and analysis work. The upstream work is available on:
  • Google Android Runtime (C++, Java, Python, Shell) - Developed several features and optimizations for the Android Runtime (ART) for the Android Open Source Project as a Linaro Member Engineer. Additionally, worked on introducing new features-improvements to the testing scripts. The list of the uploaded and merged upstream work is available at:
  • Arm Core Infrastructure (Jenkins, Groovy, Docker, Kubernetes) - Developed and tested new functionalities in Groovy for Arm's Jenkins shared libraries. Additionally, rewrote some functionalities of the pre-existing scripts into classes and wrote unit tests for them.

Software Engineer | Internship  

Digital Tree E-Publishers -
Limassol , Cyprus
Summer 2018
  • Drove continued excellence across the development of a highly scalable web application online food order and delivery service, leveraging React and Microsoft Azure Cloud, collaborating with a team of ten to maintain clear communication across the project.
  • Created unique serverless functions in Azure Cloud with JavaScript for payment gateways and implemented them on order checkout, gaining in-depth knowledge of company policies and various software development practices
  • Showcased expertise with JavaScript and Socket.IO library to develop "Group Order", a feature for inviting friends to make a shared order; selected as a liaison with senior staff to provide reports and status updates, meeting all deadlines.
  • Implemented serverless functions for the backend in Azure Cloud and incorporated them in a well-received UI, earning praise for the ability to solve complex problems and produce high-quality results under a heavy workload.

Web Developer | Internship

Convertico Media
Limassol, Cyprus
Summer 2016
  • Originated unique websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, emphasizing usability and multi-platform/browser support, and chosen to lead and guide the other interns.
  • Applied SEO to elevate rankings, coordinating with marketing specialists to support business growth.


Car Wash Monitor - Automatic License Plate Recognition and Recordation

  • Developed a multithreaded program that uses the OpenCV library to read frames from a CCTV stream, and after that uses the OpenALPR library to perform automatic license plate detection. Once a plate is detected, then it is tracked with the CSR-DCF tracker. Once the plate gets out from the main view, the license plate registration number is inserted into a MySQL database. The program is developed in Python, and it was compiled and shipped to the client in Cython.
  • Created a website so that the client can view the data that the program is recording. The server is local, and it uses the LAMP stack. PHP calls were made to return in JSON the data. The website uses jQuery to make the requests and display the data retrieved.
  • Extended the functionality of the main program so that it can send the total amount of cars washed for each day as a Firebase notification. Moreover, a small Android application was developed so that the owner will be able to receive push notifications.

Columbia Movers Surveyor - Android Mobile Application

  • Developed an Android application for the company named ”Columbia Movers”, that allows them to digitise the process of relocation surveying. The main aim of this application is to make the work of the surveyors paperless and more productive. It allows the surveyors to create a survey for each customer and add articles to each room. When the survey is completed, the surveyor asks the customer to sign. A PDF document is generated with all the relevant information alongside with the signature of the customer at the top right of each page. It was developed with the use of Android Studio, Java, SQLite and the iText PDF library.

Seaton Valley Community Council - Android Mobile Application

Open-Source | Lead Developer
  • Coordinated and led the software development team.
  • Designed the underlying architecture for the software program.
  • Organised the programming sub-team.
  • Assigned programming tasks with deadlines to the Programming team.
  • Ensured all members of the Programming team are meeting deadlines.
  • Inspected the work done by members of the Programming team and ensured a high standard, adhering to good quality of Object-Oriented Design.
  • Communicated with the Testing Lead to resolve any bugs that are found.
  • Communicated with the Design Lead to ensure that the design and the features of the program adhere to the project specification.
  • Developed the backend functionalities of the application (REST API, Firebase API, Twitter API, Google Maps API).


C/C++, Java, Python, Shell, Android Mobile App Development, TensorFlow, OpenCV, MySQL, LaTeX, git, Linux, Node.js, Metasploit, .NET, PHP, Microsoft Azure, Overture, Isabelle HOL, PyTorch, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React
Greek (Native), English (Fluent)

Honours & Awards

The Highest Achiever of the Year
Awarded by the Department of Computer Science at The University of Manchester for achieving the highest overall mark among all postgraduate courses.

The Best Dissertation Prize
Awarded by the Department of Computer Science at The University of Manchester for achieving the highest dissertation mark.

Kilburn Scholarship Award
Awarded by the Department of Computer Science at The University of Manchester for strong academic performance.

Waterston's Prize Award
Awarded the Watersons Prize for the Best Stage 2 Team Project in the School of Computing of Newcastle University.

IEEE Xtreme 7.0 24 Hour Team Programming Competition
Ranked in the top 1.16% in the world (87th out of 7500 Participants).

Global Nominee - NASA Space Apps Challenge 2013
Member of one of the two winning teams that were distinguished by university students and professionals as global nominees for Cyprus.